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 Meta Revelations: Shadow Saga Lore

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Meta Revelations: Shadow Saga Lore Empty
PostSubject: Meta Revelations: Shadow Saga Lore   Meta Revelations: Shadow Saga Lore EmptyThu Nov 17, 2011 7:58 pm

<Article was originally written in 2009, it's been updated a bit to meet a few changes but is mostly intact. These notes are not free for use; but be inspired by them! And please comment on what you think!>

Progress notes: Meta Revelations is actually the original name I gave to the series, but I used shadow saga instead for the RPG versions. They are the same thing ^^

Comments are very much appreciated.

The World:
The world of eden is similar to our own, lest the slight alterations in tempreture. Eden is slightly more humid and like to extereme weather compared to here, maybe global warming will soon end that x3

The world of eden is large and massive, and the following three names are the most prominant continents in the history books. Each have their own unique culture and ruling.

Its name derived from the sparse range of artifical creatures that roam its lands. It used to be one of the most famous tourist attraction in the world, its impressive technology attracted all kinds of people, but the land was made infamous when the hex drew into it and blighted the landscape inhabitable and warped many of the creatures living there.
Mutane's currency is 'Mutanes'


The name 'Metallia' was believed to be named after a heroine beast that cast a spell on the land, warding evil spirits. Metallia is the now most prominant continent in the world due to Mutane's downfall and looks down on outside folk. The main governing body for Metallia was originally the C.M.D, until they moved to Quilaski, and is now run by the Crusaders.
Metallia's currency is Kina


Quilaski: Quilaski is the newly discovered continent, that houses more mystery compared to the older counterparts, already though, large cities have sprung up on it, namely Utopica and Staza Plateau.
Quilaski's currency is Plate. Agnisus and Galadius as legends say are the ones behind the birth of this continent; and is also the main stage for Shadow Saga: The Hexed Legacy


Gods [Soveriegns & Daevas]:
The world is ruled by two Sovereigns and Fourteen Daevas. Not all Daevas have been discovered yet however...

Demi-Gods ("Daevas"):
Lady Zanter and Lord Blood appointed Demi-Gods, more better known as 'Daevas' to keep peace and maintain balance within the earth. Each Daeva has two forms, its primary form, known as the "Cardianal", they rarely take this form in front of mortals. Its second is its 'Avatar' which is smaller and weaker, but is more commonly noted in ancient wall murals.

A world simply wouldn't be fantasy without an interesting collection of characters. Originality sleeps here, you won't find any Orcs or Elves in Eden!


World Rule:
The world doesn't govern itself. There's always some force in order to keep things intact, and these are a few of them.


Reoccuring characters:
These characters have been with me for a long time. No Adena is not one of them, because she wasn't created that long ago. These characters are much, much older, and go back in some cases over nearly ten years.

Kiaralis: She is a Drakon, and daughter to a woman named 'Cynthia'. She is always depicted as a preistess wearing white, having long blonde hair and a blue bandana.

Zephyr: This purple cat like character started as my persona on deviantart about 2 years ago, and has featured in alot of my works ever since. Her dialouge is generally easier to write, since its more in my sense of dialect.

Lyria: This lizard like woman is perhaps one of my oldest characters thats still in use today. One of the second stories I've actually ever come to finish writing involved her in mischievous deeds concerning the Eyerus and a jewel, and she's developed as a character that is slightly insane, but covets artifacts. He appearance was originally just a snake with legs and wings, but I developed her character into an athropomorphic lizard, usually wearing a cowel and black dress.
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Meta Revelations: Shadow Saga Lore

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