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 Calamity || Geo

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PostSubject: Calamity || Geo   Calamity || Geo EmptySun Sep 02, 2012 2:46 pm

Calamity is my second RPG Maker VX project. It is an attempt to make a great RPG VX game without using any external resources. Including scripts, music, graphics... EVERYTHING will be within the capabilities of the RPGVX default software.

One day, a small village within the Eden Glade came under attack by a ferocious monstrosity named Ortheon. A young blonde girl, called Calamity, took it upon herself to relieve the Orb of Eluse from its pedestal and vanquish Ortheon for good! However, the Orb can only be used to its full capacity by the wielders of the three elements trees. So it is Calamity's task to find them. Along the way she meets many interesting friends and foes which help her realize what heroism truly is.

:- A young blonde girl from Piyuta Village, who acts as the main protagonist in "Calamity". She is a novice magician, but the best Piyuta have got. Not the cleverest or most heroic character but she certainly has determination and will not stop until her village is saved. She is very good at talking to people and reasoning with them, but there are some who refuse to listen.

:- The name of this character is unknown by Calamity, and they first meet in the Piyuta Plains after Calamity has started searching for the wielders. The Shadow Knight appears to be looking for somebody, but he won't tell Calamity whom. The Shadow Knight is a brave and determined character. He will do whatever it takes to protect those close to him, even if it results in cacophony or disharmony for others.

:- Amaya took over ruling the capital of Fyashi, Mu'hai City, after her mother died. Amaya has a very bossy and snobby attitude, but is also one of the Shadow Knight's closest allies, even though she rarely reflects it. Unknown to anyone but her Advanced Guard, Princess Amaya has a dreadful secret that Calamity will no doubt be pleased to find out about.

:- Tsupha is a Shaman who lives in the Myacore Mountains. A very clever and strategic person, but so enveloped in solitude that he becomes violent towards anyone he believes to be threatening his land. He is a very experienced magician and by far the oldest human character, being at least 50 years of age. He shows great interest in the Orb of Eluse and the power it holds claiming that he could learn so much off of it.

:- Yen is part of the Dark Alliance. A strange group of beings with unworldly powers who plan to use the Orb of Eluse for... something. Yen is The Shadow Knight and Princess Amaya's arched nemesis and so, spends a lot of time locked up in the Myacore Town Prison. He is a bit of comic relief but has known to get violent and angry when something drastically displeases him.

:- Thio is also part of the Dark Alliance. He first meets Calamity on the Pathway to Shatar. Thio is a pretty calm and collected character until his plans go awry. Things do tend to get a bit... messy when that occurs. Thio claims that he comes from the frigid country to the north, far away from Fyashi, known only as the Northern Lands.

The World

The World that Calamity takes place in has three known countries, but since travel is so expensive, there are undoubtedly many more. The central country of Fyashi, the northern wastes of The Northern Lands and the western country of Archiaa. The plot of Calamity takes place in Fyashi and The Northern Lands.

:- Piyuta is the westernmost part of Fyashi. A lush forest, a beautiful plain, a small village and a fantastic beach. Calamity lives here, in Piyuta Village and is good friends with all the residents, in particularly the bartender Maz. Ortheon, an evil spirit, threatens to destroy Piyuta Village and so Calamity is sent out on a perilous quest with the Orb of Eluse.

:- Myacore is the largest part of Fyashi. Here resides the capital city of Mu'hai, which is where Princess Amaya and the Shadow Knight come from. The Myacore Mountains, a geographical beauty with huge geysers and hot springs, as well as the home of Tsupha the old shaman. Myacore Town, a very dodgy town where the only place worth a visit is the prison. Hexagram Hideout, the home of the Blood Demons. The Myacore Mines, a vast mining operation that provides jobs across Fyashi and Elusa Town. Elusa is a town built underwater by a civilisation of Water Nymphs. There are legends that the Orb of Eluse was created here.

:- Shatar is the southernmost part of Fyashi. A boiling area, with a volcano called Shatar Peak that supposedly heats the entire country of Fyashi and is the only reason it's not turned out like The Northern Lands. The Magma Cells are here, a dark place to store prisoners. As well as Shatar City, occupied by benevolent Steam Demons that provide goods to both human and demon and the Shatar Caves, which lead to the very top of Shatar Peak, told to be the hottest point on the entire planet.

:- Fyashimore is the easternmost part of Fyashi. A beach created by changing tides not too long ago, it was called Fyashimore because it was an extra part of Fyashi. A brilliant beach and a dune-infested desert reside here. Also here are the Intoxication Caves, said to be the source of all poisons in the world, the Starlight Cavern, a haven safe from monsters and darkness created by the ruler of Fyashi, The Sky Tower, a huge tower that houses the benevolent Fyashimore Sand Demons, and Fyashimore Beach, the only known place in Fyashi that is said to have a harbour and boats to sail across the ocean. A very wealthy businessman lives here.

:- The frigid land to the North. Perpetually covered with snow and ice and houses the cave of darkness, containing more evil than in the entire country of Fyashi itself.

:- While not necessary to advance the story, Power Cards are recommended if you wish to fight the final optional/secret boss. There are 50 Power Cards spread throughout Fyashi and surrounding islands. If Calamity brings all fifty to the ruler of Fyashi, then she will gain massive power, far beyond her comprehension.

:- Also not integral to the story, along her adventures Calamity may find a wedding ring, which allow her to marry any one of the members in her party. Some may disagree, some may agree, but depending on what you do with this, some scenes during the game, and especially at the end of the game, will be altered.

I hope you don't mind but I wish to save the screenshots for another day, but I can promise you this game, in my opinion, should be much better than my previous project: Time Shock.
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Calamity || Geo Empty
PostSubject: Re: Calamity || Geo   Calamity || Geo EmptyThu Sep 20, 2012 9:16 pm

Looks interesting Geo. We need to see some screenshots or a video. Smile

Keep up the good work.
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Calamity || Geo

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