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 Time Shock

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Time Shock Empty
PostSubject: Time Shock   Time Shock EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 3:58 pm

Without RTP: http://www.mediafire.com/?i121jswx6ap5bx1
With RTP: [Coming Soon]


It's been a few years since Northern Star, king of the Universe and father of Scorpio Sonipo, sealed the Netherworld with the Collisium Wholod. It's now up to his eldest son, Orion, to take up responsibility for the throne. Orion and Scorpio are both Plru, being who carry a special essence that allow them to control certain elements, be they fire, ice, earth, water, light, darkness or poison. When Scorpio and his friend Gemini are on the run, they begin to learn of the Seventh Stone, but just what is the Seventh Stone? And what are the strange creatures that are appearing everywhere?

A Poison Plru. Scorpio is the son of Northern Star and the brother of King Orion. He is caught up in a series of strange and horrific events when his brother declares he and his friend Gemini enemies of the Universe. He meets up with childhood friend Pisces and goes on search for seven mysterious stones that have the power to wipe out the Plru! He is a generally serious character and rarely has time for jokes. He rarely gets upset or angry but when he does, he lets people know.

A Frost Plru. Gemini was banned from seeing Scorpio after he took her to the Nihajj Caves where they almost died. After breaking the law once too many times, Orion exiles both her and Scorpio and makes them enemies of the Universe. She is Scorpio's companion for the journey and gets frightened very easily and very rarely speaks out of turn or in obscenities.

A Frost Plru. Pisces' background is mostly a mystery. All anybody knows is that he grew up on a strange camp. He seems to not make a lot of sense, constantly using "intuition" and stepping out of his own time frame. Pisces sort of heads Scorpio's rebellion against Orion and helps him gather the stones he needs. A very intelligent and eccentric fellow, who tends to take command of situations.

A Water Plru. Sagittarius is Scorpio's best friend from his days at the Plru Academy. Sagittarius earned his right to becoming a Plru Master when he saved Scorpio from being attacked by Aries and Libra, a couple of delinquents. Sagittarius is a pretty calm and collected guy, never getting aggravated or angry.

A Light Plru. Virgo has no mercy and has a sassy attitude. She is fiesty are often gets her own way. Speaks in a different speech pattern from the other characters. It appears that sometimes she knows something that makes her uneasy. Virgo, just like every other light Plru, has the ability to read minds.

The World
Technically, Time Shock is split into several small worlds known as "Outposts". Outpost Alpha is a fiery capital. A lot of mining and blacksmithing is done here. It's quite a friendly place to be once inside the boundries of the city. Outpost Beta is a series of temples used by civilians to pray to the gods. Outpost Delta is a poisonous hell, with only monsters thriving here and no people so to speak. The triad is long abandoned. Outpost Meta is the location of the Plru Academy and, arguably, the largest Outpost in the game. Outpost Gamma is the home of Scorpio, Gemini, Orion and Pisces and is a large town with a lot of general activity. It's a snowy and icy paradise. Outpost Sigma is where a lot of water Plrus reside. The dense sandy beach is enough to drive any tourist crazy! And of course, Outpost Seven, which is the location of the Netherworld Gate.

Here we go!
Time Shock Ga1
Outpost Gamma

Time Shock Ga2o
Plru Academy Eastern Garden

Time Shock Ga1d
Satellite Sagittarius

Time Shock Ga2b
Nihajj City (Outpost Alpha)

Time Shock Ga1q
The Shiner

Time Shock Ga2
Ice Temple

Time Shock Ga1
The Netherworld Gate

Time Shock Ga2
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Time Shock

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