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 Basic Info & History of RPG Maker Heaven

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Basic Info & History of RPG Maker Heaven Empty
PostSubject: Basic Info & History of RPG Maker Heaven   Basic Info & History of RPG Maker Heaven EmptySat Oct 22, 2011 10:23 am

Basic Info and History of RPG Maker Heaven

Hey everybody, luiishu535 here! Here I've got some random info about the community that can be interested for fans and readers. And of course, a little knowledge about your community wouldn't hurt too much, would it? Wink

Here we go:

Community Name: RPG Maker Heaven
Official Release Date: 15/10/11
Creator: luiishu535
Goal: The goal with this community is to make a place were rpg makers can post and discuss their projects, get the help they need, get in touch with other rpg makers and of course, have fun during your creations! It is important that you as member feel comfortable in this community.

Other Info: RPG Maker Heaven was mainly started because in some time ago, we on youtube had our own community were rpg maker was so much fun! I remembered all the kind people I met in the community, who helped and some still support me, even though I've never even completed a single game! Ever since the community's leader: boos405, known as "The RPG Maker King" disappeared out of nowhere, the community slowly died... day after day.
Alot of people misses him and the community and alot of people has given up. I have had this in mind for some time and now I decided to make it really happen.

That's why I created this forum! In hope of showing other rpg makers who struggle hard with their games every day that there's still hope! The last community were great and I want this community to get maybe even greater! We're all a family in RPG Maker Heaven, remember that Smile

Peace out!
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Basic Info & History of RPG Maker Heaven

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