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 [VX/VXAce] Creating a Secret Passage

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[VX/VXAce] Creating a Secret Passage Empty
PostSubject: [VX/VXAce] Creating a Secret Passage   [VX/VXAce] Creating a Secret Passage EmptyFri Dec 30, 2011 4:00 am

This forum is quite deserted huh? Thanks to those guys who left this forum. Sheeeeet... silent

But anyway, hi everyone! This is TheEmeraldboy100 in eventing Tutorial!
This time, we're going to make a secret passage like the one in FF5!

1 「Create a Map」
2 「Shift Abuse」
3 「Capture, crop, re-Canvas」
4 「Save it」
5 「Import it」
6 「Setting up the event」
7 「Replacing the "Set Movement"」

Save it and...
You're Done!

If there are any questions, problem, etc. don't hesitate to reply Wink
Thank you for reading the tutorial , wish you luck, and happy new year! Smile santa
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[VX/VXAce] Creating a Secret Passage

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