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 Final Fantasy VIII

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Final Fantasy VIII Empty
PostSubject: Final Fantasy VIII   Final Fantasy VIII EmptyMon Dec 19, 2011 9:28 pm

So, I've always played final fantasy 7 and X since I was about 6 or 7. I've always found the games to be fun. I had never played 8, though. My brother had always played it, I never had.
As of a few weeks ago(and all time up until then) Final Fantasy 7 had been my favorite of all time. Favorite Video Game, that is.
Recently, I've been playing Final Fantasy VIII. I'm on the third disc.
I'm really contemplating whether VII or VIII is my favorite.
VIII has such a heart touching story line, and music. VII does too, But I've been very sad about VIII lately. I mean, I'm in good shape, and I have good Mental / Social health, but The game is honestly making me really sad.
It's so heart touching.
I mean, How Squall is learning how to become more sensitive and he learns that he's always going to have his friends there for him,
and the relationship between him and Rinoa,
and How Laguna loves Ellone and Raine so much.
I always listen to the song "Fragments of Memories" which plays when Laguna is in Winhill(I believe it's the Third "dream world" experience).
I'm honestly really sad. I've really really wanted to come to someone and tell them about how I felt, But knowing my group of friends(who are , when I think about it, pretty shady) they would probably just laugh at me and think I was strange.
I can't help it though. I'm so emotionally attached to the story and the characters. I wish it was real.
Maybe I sound strange. I'm sorry guys. But You're all obviously here because you share the same interest that I do : Creation. Whether it's music, gaming, RGSS, writing, or anything along those lines. You're here because you like one of those or you like helping the people that do like those types of things. It saddens me, too, because I really wish that I had friends like you guys , where I could talk about these kinds of things to and not be judged for it. I know that VIII has an ultimate happy ending, but still, Listening to the Music from the game makes me really sad and I reflect on my life and how it's not been going so good.
What are you opinions? On the game and on the way I feel?
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Final Fantasy VIII

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