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 Rules on Requesting

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Rules on Requesting Empty
PostSubject: Rules on Requesting   Rules on Requesting EmptySat Oct 22, 2011 6:09 pm


Wait at least a day (24 hours) before bumping your own topic. No exceptions so if you need to add more to your post, please use the Edit button. I'm not going to get mad at you because you've bump by accident or anything. I'm a nice guy Smile

- Be clear and concise. Don't use a lot of chatspeak or abbreviation in your request, spriters and musicians are more likely to take a request from someone who sounds "serious," because a serious developer is more likely to actually finish the game they're requesting for.

- If you're requesting a graphic, include the following information:
What platform is it for? (ie, RPG Maker XP or VX)
If a characterset, what template should it be on? If a tileset or autotile, what template should it be scaled to fit and what other resources does it need to work with (ie, RTP)? If a battler, what battlesystem should it work with?
What should it look like? Be as precise as possible, and include reference images if at all possible.
If you're asking for a tileset, what needs to be on it?

- If you're request music, include the following information:
What format do you prefer? (Midi, ogg, mp3)
What sort of scene is it for? What should the mood be?
Do you prefer a certain style (orchestral, techno, etc)?
What is the setting of the game (modern, steampunk, fantasy)?
Is there an existing work with a similar "feel" to what you want?

- If someone tries to help you, even if their advice or help doesn't work for you, be polite and say thank you. If you're being rude to the people who are trying to help you, no one else will see any reason to try and help you.

- Include what version of rpg maker this is for. (this is the most important thing to do)

- Clearly state what you are requesting. (Battler, Charset, recolor...)

- Nude portraits are aloud or any nude related Wink

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Rules on Requesting

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