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 Resource Showcase rules

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PostSubject: Resource Showcase rules   Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:18 pm

Resource Showcase Rules

The resource showcase forum is for posting resources you wish to share with the community (graphical as well as musical resources are allowed), as well as opening shops to make resources for other members.

Rules for posting resources:

1. You are either the creator of said resources, or have permission to post said resources from the original creator.
2. Every topic must have a credit list if you have used resources that weren't made by you (i.e. recolouring, frankenspriting etc.)
3. Reposting resources even with credit to the original creator is not allowed unless you have permission from the original creator to do so.
4. Maps aren't resources.
5. Wait two days (48 hours) before bumping your own topic.
6. Do not post and or claim another persons resources as your own, doing so will result in the guilty person being banned or Suspended.
7. Clearly state what you are requesting. (Battler, Charset, recolor...)
8. Include what version of rpg maker this is for. (this is the most important thing to do)

Rules for shops:

There aren't any, except you should at least show some examples of your work. You make your own rules, but you still have to abide by general forum rules. Art theft is definitely not allowed.
This means not posting any requests if the shop says they are full/closed/not taking any at the moment.

Rules for members visiting the board:

1. If someone has posted some resources to be used, that does not mean they are okay with you posting them everywhere else. Respect the creator's wishes and rules.
2. When requesting in someone's shop, please abide by their rules, and fill out their forms if they provide you with any. Also, do not request in shops that are closed.
3. Follow the general board rules.
4. Have fun posting mango's!
5. I am not mean person. The RPG community is a family and I honor my family with respect Wink

Q - Can I post nude portraits or anything that involves nude?
A - Yes, nude portraits are allowed in Resource Showcase

Q - Can I open a "Resource Showcase Directory thread?"
A - Yes, it is allowed. Here's a good example on making one by clicking here

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Resource Showcase rules

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